Post 1: The multicultural Australia started with the Chinese.

The Chinese started the multicultural takeover in Australia during the Gold Rush. In 1851 when The Gold Rush started the Chinese flocked to Australia hoping to strike gold. Ten years after the Gold Rush started the Chinese population in Victoria was up to 7%. The traditional food of a gold miner was mutton and damper but when the Chinese started have a vegetable plot. The Chinese utilised this very well by setting up market  gardens and selling them to other miners and restaurants in the area which had a very important role on feeding Australians.


The very first recorded Chinese restaurant in Australia was owned by John Alloo at the gold mining site in Ballarat in 1854. He was very accepted by the locals because he was their main caterer. He created the slogan ‘Soups always ready’ because his shop was always open.

Inspiration from John’s shop got other Chinese people motivated to cook and they also opened their own restaurants and that is how the classic Australian-Chinese noodle bar started. From the Chinese restaurants and the kindness shown towards the Australian miners the acceptance for the Chinese people grew in the Australian people. The first Chinese restaurant in Ballarat started a Chinese food revolution across Australia, now you have a Chinese restaurant in almost every suburb.

Post 2: The influence of the Italians

Italians are the fourth largest ethnic group in Australia, measuring in at 4.6% of Australia’s population. The Italians have influenced out food culture in so many ways. Before the influence of Italians many common house-hold items could not be purchased or found in Australia. Australian Italians are known to have introduced Olive Oil into our cooking habits. Olive Oil had only previously been able for purchase for  medicinal purposes.  Australian Italians also introduced garlic into our food palate as it was an unknown food. One of the biggest things Italians did to Australia was change Australia from a tea drinking nation to an extremely fussy coffee drinking nation. Australians are one of the most fussy coffee drinking people in the world, that is
why American chain ‘Starbucks’ couldn’t setup here. Owning a good coffee shop in Australia is an extremely profitable business because your name will spread. In Australia there is a saying with coffee shops “If you have good coffee your name will be heard”. 


Another revolution the Italians started was the Pizza and Pasta Revolution. When the Italians came to Australia they showed everyone their dishes. Pizza is one of the most eaten foods in Australia under fast food and Chinese. Pizza is a traditional Italian dish and now it is a multibillion dollar business. Pasta is also a big dish in Australian households because of its simple cooking methods. Now pasta is coming into the Australian fast food war with pasta bars opening across Australia. They are growing popular in the Austrian population because it is a good option instead of McDonalds.

Post 3: Australia’s Food Palate is very diverse

Australia is a very culturally diverse country and on average they accept people for who they are no matter where they are from. One of the things that brings the different cultures together is their food. Without the food we wouldn’t be as accepting of each other.  Food brings people together no mater the circumstance and that is a tradition that most cultures have.

When you look at a weekly list of foods that people eat, everyone will have eaten foods from different cultures. That is a representation of how everyone in this country is multicultural in their minds as well as their ancestry.


When you look at the food choices available, it’s like looking at a simplified version of the earth, because each culture/country can be represented by a food item. We have so many choices in front of us and they just keep on growing. When you look at a supermarket each isle has foods representing so many different countries. This list will keep on getting bigger because of access to the internet in countries which didn’t have it previously. When you walk into a Westfield food court you see mini representations of the countries behind the stalls. The stalls are also decorated in traditional styling to represent what their home country looks like. For example, “The Dumpling House” is decorated to look like a dumpling house in China and also presented the same as you would get in China.

Australians are seeing different cultures everyday and accepting them into their lives by eating food from their culture. With the big selection of foods to choose from in supermarkets and food courts it is easer than ever to have a ‘multicultural diet’. Australia runs on this ‘Multicultural Diet’ and it would be impossible to live without because we embrace these different cultures everyday. 

By Daniel F