Does Australia accept people from other countries? In this edition we will be looking at whether Australians accept people moving to Australia from other countries.

The first thing to look at is whether we willingly accept refugees coming to our country by boat or if we send them to another place to be looked after. The answer is yes, most Australians do accept people moving here from other countries to seek refuge because we are a very accepting nation. But that doesn’t mean some people still don’t dislike refugees. Refugees sometimes get a hard time because there is a stereotype around them that they did bad things in their own country, so they were kicked out and now they’re doing bad things in our country. This is not always the case, most of the time refugees are fleeing their country is to get a chance at a better life, and they take the attitude of “This country provided so much for us, the least we can do is give back to them by helping in any way we can”.

The second thing to look at is whether refugees moving here from other countries feel safe or if they actually feel scared. Australians usually don’t take the time to notice whether a person is scared or worried about being in this new country, we often take the attitude “Aah they’ll be fine, nothing to worry about here” but that’s not the case, refugees can get quite worried about starting a new life in a new country and no one realizes. Whereas if we just lend a helping hand and ask if they are alright and see if they need help with anything, then hopefully they will feel more comfortable in their new country and feel at ease with the friendly help of some locals.

The third thing to look at is how refugees treat their new country. It is often the case that some refugees (not all) take their new country for granted, thinking “since I am new here I will be let off easier”. They will often pretend not to know the rules of the country, particularly in respect of road rules and human rights. They have been known to trash their accommodation but it is hard to know whether the damage is deliberate or whether they have never lived in a proper house before. They may never have learnt how to look after a house.

In conclusion, it is the belief of this writer that Australians are an accepting group of people. We want to help newcomers to settle in and not feel isolated. It is only when newcomers destroy our home and “throw our rules out the window” that we act in ways that can be seen as racist. The way to prevent this is to give all newcomers, refugees especially, the opportunity to learn about our country and its culture. Only then will we become a truly happy nation.


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